How it works?

Get a box of science-backed toys to your doorstep at each developmental stage.

Start at the Right Age
Our kits are tailored for each stage of your child's development based on their birth date and age, incorporating the latest research in child development. They provide the best tools and resources for cognitive, social, and emotional growth, while being engaging and fun.
Fun Worksheets Everyday
Fun and interactive worksheets can help boost creativity, imagination, and skills in various areas such as problem-solving, language, math, culture, health, science, and social and emotional skills.


Mom knows the best!

We used the Level 6 play kit for our 1 year old baby and she absolutely loved it! The ball tracker and the cotton doll are her absolute faourites. The quality of every single toy is top-notch - would high recommend!

Prachi Oza

Kizoplay kits are one stop solution for Krishiv's toys. The toys are safe and extremely good quality. Plus no more need to research about developmental toys, Kizoplay has got me covered.