AMCD Endorses Walid Fares’ New Book on Iran

Iran: The Imperialist Republic and US Politics, Dr. Walid Fares.

Tehran’s elites have employed the most sophisticated and sophisticated set of strategies and tactics to provoke what will become the road to the “Iran deal.”

— Tera Dahl, former Deputy Chief of Staff of the National Security Council.

WASHINGTON, USA, January 6, 2023 / — American Middle East Coalition for Democracy I am pleased to recommend a new book by Dr. Walid Fares entitled “Iran: The Imperialist Republic and the Politics of the United States”. In it, Dr. Fares discusses the birth and development of the Islamic Republic, its expansion and aggression in the region through puppets, its history of ruthless suppression of internal dissent, and above all, its masterful manipulation of US foreign policy to its advantage. advantage.

“This should be required reading for every politician in government,” said AMCD co-chairman Tom Harb. “We had a schizophrenic foreign policy towards the Middle East going back to the Carter administration. It’s time to take a step back and evaluate American interests in a cold-blooded, bipartisan manner.”

“US foreign policy towards the Middle East should stop the wild political swings that we have had in recent years,” continued AMCD Co-Chairman John Hajjar. “Everyone who reads this book will be shocked at how vast and deep-seated the influence of the Iranian lobby has been on our government. Just like China, Iran has been infiltrating our institutions for forty years and is firmly rooted.”

“Tehran’s elites have deployed the most sophisticated and sophisticated set of strategies and tactics to provoke what will be the road to the ‘Iran Deal'” written by Tera Dahl, investigative journalist and former deputy chief of staff of the National Security Council (NSC). “Phares analyzes the interests involved in doing business with the Islamic Republic and then shows how the regime used these players to create a powerful pressure group within America for a deal, and how the latter. in fact. ended the American policy of containment and replaced it with a “policy of cooperation”.

“As an Iranian-American, the thing that most disappointed me was that US officials, members of Congress, and even the US President (Obama) go out of their way to appease Iran’s bloodthirsty and corrupt mullahs.” said AMCD Co-Chair Hossein Khorram. “Professor Fares explains why it was and still is. In doing so, he sheds light on some dark corners of US foreign policy. He also explains complex issues with clarity and conciseness, which is unfortunately lacking in most commentators on this complex issue. His book is a treasure trove of insight and simple political recipes that could have a profound impact on US-Iranian relations in the future. Thank you Dr. Fares! This book should be read by anyone interested in the future of Iran.”

Iran: imperialist republic and US policy available from Post Hill Press now.

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