Free strategic leadership training course aims to close gender pay gap for women of color - World News Report

Free strategic leadership training course aims to close gender pay gap for women of color – World News Report

Asia Bribesca-Hedin, MBA, MPA, CEO, Bridgewell Professional Services

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The CEO of Bridgewell LLC Professional Services wants to help women professionals of color close the pay gap with a free 5-day strategic leadership training.

As women of color, we must be strategic about our career path and earning potential. It’s not enough to just work hard and hope for the best.”

– Asia Bribesca-Hedin, CEO, Bridgewell Professional Services

LOS ANGELES, California, USA, September 7, 2022 / — As we approach Labor Day in the US and move into the last third of 2022, we are reminded that women of color make up only 13% of senior positions, and in other leadership positions, the higher the level, the fewer women of color. This “whitening trend,” according to Asia Bribesca-Hedin, CEO of the California-based Bridgewell LLC limits not only growth opportunities but also wages, generating $0.63 for every dollar a white male earns in a comparable position. “The pay gap, along with diminishing opportunities as we grow, make it difficult for women of all backgrounds to rise through the ranks at a pace consistent with their ability and experience. This is unacceptable.” says Bribeska-Hedin.

Despite the reality of discrimination and prejudice in the workplace, women can advance in their careers and achieve higher and higher paying positions if they apply the principles of strategic leadership in their careers. This is where Asia Bribiesca-Hedin aims to make an impact by offering free 5 Day Strategic Leadership Training Course which participants from all over the world can join from the comfort of their home or office.

Asked why this bootcamp is so important, Bribesca-Hedin said, “As women of color, we need to be strategic about our career progression and earning potential. Just doing a good job and hoping for the best is not enough.”

Bribesca-Hedin, an MBA and MPA from the University of Southern California, began her consulting career as a management consultant with the global consulting firm Ernst & Young. Over the past 20 years, she has helped companies of all sizes stay competitive and responsive to industry changes. With her experience in strategy execution and leadership, she knows exactly what shifts managers need to take to get promoted and increase their pay.

The 5-day bootcamp is filled with real-world decision-making scenarios and insights to help you deal with difficult situations with confidence. This fast-paced program will help women around the world hone their skills and get started to develop their careers quickly and strategically.

The bootcamp consists of 30-minute live sessions each day filled with immediate strategies, including tactics to bounce back from setbacks, where and how to invest time and effort to get promoted faster, and how to get noticed. with the right people, how to speak powerfully and use words that have the most impact, how to respond to criticism, and more.

Over the course of 5 days, participants receive key strategies based on Asia’s lessons and experiences to help senior leaders address strategic priorities. This bootcamp will be very valuable for those who register early enough to get one of the limited spots.

To join the waiting list, which includes a guaranteed seat after the December 2022 dates are announced, visit the Strategic Leadership 5-Day Training Course website at

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For nearly 20 years, Bridgewell founder Asia Bribesca-Hedin has been helping companies of all sizes respond to industry changes to stay competitive. Asia began her career as a management consultant and spent 9 years leading the transformation of a leading comprehensive cancer center before starting her own consulting firm. Her expertise lies in aligning leaders and teams to achieve their highest priorities.

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