Interview: HALIENE talks about her new album ‘Heavenly’ and plans for the future

GALIEN. Photo courtesy of HALIENE, album cover

Electronic dance music queen HALIENE talked about her breakthrough studio album ‘Heavenly’ and plans for the future.

She is one of the most respected and in-demand singer-songwriters in the electronic music genre, who is now embarking on a career as a solo artist. The lyrics on this music album are impressive, and in places they are pure poetry.

“This is the album I’ve been working on for the past four years,” she said. “I have been working on these songs for a long time. The word “heavenly” came to me in 2019 when I was on tour with Marlo in Australia. Since then, the word has stuck with me.”

She named “You Don’t Care” as her favorite tune from the new album she wrote two years ago. “He has a powerful concept that should be talked about more,” she said.

About the title of the current chapter of her life, HALIENE said, “Expression.” “I’m in the phase where I can fully express myself as an artist when I’m doing my own live performances and my own album,” she said. “I’m in full Halin Expression and I’m very lucky to be here.”

HALIENE named Above & Beyond as their dream collaboration in music. “I hope one day I can collaborate with Above & Beyond. I love their songs and their performances. They are incredible music makers and artists,” she said.

On December 9th, HALIENE will headline their own show at Webster Hall in the heart of New York City. “I love this place,” she exclaimed. “The first time I played there was with the Seven Lions back in 2015.”

She also shared that she is featured on three songs on Tritonal’s new album Coalesce, which was released today. “I have two songs that I sing and two that I wrote,” she said. “It’s so great that their new album is out.”

If she had some sort of superpower, she said it would be “teleportation”. “I would choose teleportation, please,” she said with a sweet laugh.

When asked what animal or object she would portray as in The Masked Singer, she replied that she would be a phoenix. “I would be a phoenix, burst into flames and start singing,” she said.

“Heavenly” received a rave review from Digital Journal. “Heavenly” is available from digital service providers at Press here. “This album is designed and written to take us inward and perhaps explore what’s in our hearts, what we’re avoiding,” she said.

“Music is so powerful and it can help us access emotions that are really hard to get in life, and we’ve all gone through a lot of the concepts that I’ve written songs about. The songs are deep and I hope people want to go there with me,” she elaborated.

For more information about HALIENE visit her Official site and follow her on Instagram.

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