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Jonathan Bennett talks about his new Hallmark film, The Wedding of a Lifetime.

Jonathan Bennet. Photo Credit: Hallmark Media, Lindsey Siu

Actor Jonathan Bennett spoke about his new Hallmark film, A Wedding of a Lifetime, which will premiere on September 17.

Bennett stars alongside Brooke D’Orsay in this new original film, which is part of the network’s annual “Fall Into Love” event. “Working on this film was a lot of fun because I not only starred in it, but also became its executive producer, which was an absolute blast,” he said.

“Seeing my crazy ideas come to life on screen and actually come to life has been very rewarding. Now I like executive production, it gives me the opportunity to bring my crazy ideas to the screen, ”he added.

The synopsis is: Darby (Brooke D’Orsay) and Jake (Jonathan Bennett) are an engaged couple who have been together since high school in their friendly mountain town. “My co-star Brooke was such a star,” he said.

“Brooke was so good at showing some really vulnerable moments and she did a great job bringing the fun, vulnerability and truth of these characters together,” he added.

Over the years, they found themselves in a rut and out of love. As Darby and Jake prepare to break the news of their separation from their families, they inadvertently become involved in a “romance contest” hosted by a popular national daytime TV show after being nominated.
the whole city.

The grand prize is a televised, fully paid-for Wedding of a Lifetime! Although Darby and Jake are uncomfortable pretending they are still engaged, they decide
continue the show.

Neither of them wants to disappoint their family and friends, and being on the show could potentially boost their careers. Will the Darby charade end?
and Jake confess and part ways, or will the competition rekindle their romance?

“I hope this movie helps fans spark a spark in their relationship, whether it’s new or old,” he said.

The Wedding of a Lifetime by Lighthouse Pictures. Christopher McNeely and Jonathan Bennett serve as executive producers. Ann Wheeler directed the film from a script by Greg Baldwin. “I can’t wait for the audience to see this because it’s a comedy, unlike anything Hallmark has done before. I am very glad that the audience will see it,” he stressed.

Multi-film deal with Hallmark

After signing a multi-movie deal with Hallmark, he remarked, “It’s nice to finally have a home in Hollywood after 25 years in the business, especially to have a place that I can call home. It’s the best thing an actor can have.”

PrideCast Podcast

Bennett’s PrideCast podcast on iHeartRadio with his husband James Vaughan is doing “very well”. “We’re trying to release one podcast a week. We had great guests there like Colton Haynes and Margaret Cho,” he said.

“It was really inspiring to listen to their stories of pride. This is a podcast that everyone can listen to with the whole family. This is a podcast for everyone,” he added.

“America’s Potato Dreams”

He spoke about Potato Dreams of America, a film directed by Wes Hurley. “It was special for me to be involved in such a crazy story,” he said.

“This is the real life story of Wes Hurley. Everything that happened in this story, for example, his mother was a male bride from Russia, is true. This story was both wild and true, and to tell this story is the dream of every actor,” he elaborated.

ChristmasCon 2022 in New Jersey

Bennett shared that he is looking forward to ChristmasCon 2022 returning to New Jersey again. “I will be there to say hello to all the fans. We love going to ChristmasCon because it helps us reconnect with the fans and reminds us why we make these films in the first place,” he said.

Working with Brad Harder

He spoke well of working with Brad Harder in The Christmas House at Hallmark. “Brad Harder is amazing,” he said, praising his acting partner.

“I’m excited about what’s in store for Hallmark and Christmas this year in the future,” he said of his upcoming projects.

Bennett also had incredible remarks about Olympic champion swimmer (and world record holder) Ryan Lochte, both of which were part of the Celebrity Big Brother experience. “Ryan Lochte is the best, he’s amazing,” exclaimed Bennett.

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