Crispcor Face Slimming And Uplift Massager
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Crispcor Face Slimming And Uplift Massager

1,450.00 999.00

3D Massager: face-lift promoted skin tightening: body shaping and promote the blood circulation.

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A Celebrity Secret

Deepika Padukone, a well known Bollywood actress using a mini Crispcor Face Slimming And Uplift Massager(old version) for V shape face and skin tightening.

No More Double Chin And Face Fat

It is an anti-cellulite and anti-fat massager, designed to loosen and reduce fat deposits specially in areas of face and neck. Its unique design helps penetrate deep into affected tissues to stimulate circulation, increasing blood flow to shape areas, reduce cellulite and get a perfect V shaped face.

Reduces Dark Circle And Eye Puffiness

High tech Solar Micro current will massage the face and improve dried-out skin specially under the eyes. With Solar Micro current function, it will improve your skin adequately!

Get Face Uplift And Say No To Wrinkles

Take our 4 weeks challenge and you will notice a big difference in your wrinkles and fine lines. Feel the skin tightening effect for an uplifted face.

No More Belly Fat, Get Toned Legs And Arms

Use it on your stomach, arms and legs to eliminate fat. Within 4 weeks you will feel your legs and arms getting toned.

How It Works ?


Use it daily for 10 -15 mins on the areas you want to get toned. If you have a dry skin, use a cream for better results.


  1. Face Contour Care: Roll from the jaw along to the face contour to care the muscles of the lips and cheeks, make your face a tight felling.
  2. Neck Care: Reverse hold the device and roll upon the lateral nape, then scroll up and down from the root of the neck and shoulders to the head.
  3. Body Care: The upper arm care roll to the armpit, make your skin look perfect when wearing sleeveless shirt.
  4. Breast Care: Roll from the armpit to the center of the breast while pressing the armpit, push back the sagging breasts from sides to the middle.
  5. Waist Care: Roll on the lateral waist to make your waist slender and charming.
  6. Leg Massage: Rolling back and forth along the knee to the inner thigh to remove the cellulite of legs.


  • No need for charging.
  • Massage degree kneading massage technique.
  • Ergonomic and portable design;.
  • Facial/neck/breast/waist/leg/body care.
  • With new kneading technology, 360º rotate design
  • SPA Level Massage
  • Waterproof design


  1. Material: ABS + metal
  2. Size: 3.9*2.1*1.4 inch/100 * 55 * 38 mm
  3. Color: Silver
  4. Net weight: 145 grams

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Massager
  • 1 x User Manual included in the box.

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