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Statement by Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr.

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, September 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr. and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition have continued to support Jody and Sean Brown since 6-year-old Skylar and Niyla were injured at Sesame Place theme park as a result of what they saw. as a public and deliberate snub and rebuff, simply getting a “high five” from the Muppet Rosita while other nearby white kids were acknowledged and validated in their interactions with the same character. The emotions evoked that day and seen by millions in the now viral video serve as yet another reminder of the injustice, systemic racism and societal stigma placed on African Americans and other people of color today.

Reverend Jackson, along with attorneys B’Ivory Lamarr, Benjamin Crump, and other leaders of the civil rights movement, continue to speak on behalf of the Brown family in their ongoing struggle to resolve their issues, meeting with SeaWorld Entertainment CEO Mark Swanson and others to explore appropriate legal remedies. protection. for the harm caused by a traumatic interaction between two young black girls and a Sesame Street character that stirred up the black community’s historical memory of racial exclusion at amusement parks and theme parks.

In 2019, black household consumer spending was about $835 billion, according to McKinsey and Company. Given SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment’s continued attitude, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the company’s response to the racially motivated incident at Sesame Place involves black patronage rights, which helped SeaWorld and Sesame Place reach $1.5 billion in profits last year.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson said: “Frankly, I can understand the frustration of attorney B’Ivory Lamarr when he says the family is ‘tired of talking.’ He adds, “Tired of empty talk, devoid of the credible demonstrations of willingness to change conditions that made the Skylar and Niyla experience even possible, makes us all talk tired. The look of diversity, fairness and inclusion efforts promoted by SeaWorld Entertainment and Sesame Place on In the aftermath of this dispute, little has been done to address the underlying issues that still affect the Brown family.”

In an interview with Reverend Jackson, he said it was time for SeaWorld Entertainment to take responsibility for the harm caused to Skylar, Niall and the Brown family at Sesame Place in July. Rev. Jackson and the coalition associated with Rainbow PUSH believe that SeaWorld Entertainment must take full responsibility for its actions, and only then will the company send a strong message that racism and discrimination are unacceptable in SeaWorld Entertainment brands.

Reverend Jackson further stated, “We need to see a culture change at SeaWorld Entertainment and all of its associated parks. SeaWorld Entertainment CEO Mark Swanson can address these issues by meeting in good faith with the Brown family as well as engaging in a process of collaborating with key stakeholders to ensure that SeaWorld Entertainment meets the key criteria as discussed earlier.”

SeaWorld Entertainment was presented with the following list of requirements:

– The unification of Skylar, Niyla and the Brown family into a single whole;
– Ensuring fairness for African American vendors across all professional and product lines across various SeaWorld Entertainment organizations;
– Assessing and reviewing employment, recruitment and training practices for all SeaWorld Entertainment employees;
– Filing and public disclosure of SeaWorld Entertainment EEO-1 documentation with the SEC;
– Ensuring that the management, executive and management positions of SeaWorld Entertainment are diverse;
– Establish a DEI Engagement Advisory Committee to provide joint support to ensure the implementation of institutional and structural changes.

The Rainbow Push Coalition and Jesse Jackson Sr. believe that SeaWorld Entertainment can set a new standard for promoting racial justice by addressing this frustrating situation and turning it into a learning moment that will not only improve the experience for African Americans and other people of color. who patronize its parks but also bring a tangible diverse, fair and inclusive work culture to all company employees.

The Rainbow PUSH Coalition, along with a host of other stakeholders, will meet soon to discuss next steps and use the power of the coalition to support the Brown family and find a proper solution to their legitimate concerns.


The Rainbow PUSH Coalition (RPC) is a multi-racial, multi-tasking, progressive international organization formed in December 1996 by Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr. As a result of the merger of the two organizations, he founded Operation PUSH People United to Serve Humanity (est. 1971) and Rainbow Coalition (est. 1984). Headquartered in Chicago with offices in Washington DC, Atlanta, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, New York and Oakland, the organization works to make the American dream a reality for all citizens while advocating for peace and justice worldwide. The RPC aims to improve the lives of all people by serving as a voice for those without a voice. The mission of the organization is to protect, defend and promote civil rights by leveling the economic and educational rules of the game, while promoting peace and justice throughout the world.

Follow Rev. Jackson and the work of the Rainbow Push Coalition at www.rainbowpush.org.

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