Amanda Schull and Brennan Elliott in 'Marry Go Round'

Review: Brennan Elliott and Amanda Schull Star in Hallmark’s Amazing ‘Marry Go Round’

Amanda Schull and Brennan Elliott in the movie Getting Married. Photo Credit: Bettina Strauss

Actors Brennan Elliott and Amanda Schull star in Hallmark’s stunning new film, Getting Married, which premieres on Saturday, September 10th.

Written by Robert Tate Miller and directed by David Weaver.

In “Marry Go Round”, Elliot plays Luke Walker and Amanda Schull portrays Abby Foster. Their characters, who were high school sweethearts and had a brief marriage after graduation, are reunited and reminisce about their past.

Many years later, Abby is a successful executive planning to move to
Paris with her fiancé Edward Timsdale (Zach Santiago). Everything in her life seems
be perfect. Until she receives a letter explaining that her divorce from Luke is not entirely official.

When Abby returns to her hometown for her court hearing, she runs into Luke and quickly learns that he is not going to finalize this divorce anytime soon.

Abby’s mother, Emily (played by Mary-Beth Manning), finally reveals a secret she kept from her daughter that explains what really happened years ago. Now Abby has a choice.

Will she be able to face the truth about how she’s always felt for Luke, or stick to the plan when she thought her life was so perfect?

Brennan Elliot is truly soulful in this role, and he’s not afraid to be outspoken and vulnerable. Amanda Schull is great as Abby and she works really well with Elliott and they tell this important story in a concise and subtle way.

Zach Santiago as remarkable as Edward, and Mary-Beth Manning as a revelation as Emily. The cast keeps the viewer’s attention throughout the film.

Viewers are sure to find this uplifting film warm, relevant, and akin. “Marry Go Round” gets an “A” rating.

To learn more about Canadian actor Brennan Elliott, follow him on Instagram.

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Brennan Elliott in the movie Get Married. Photo: Bettina Strauss, Hallmark Media

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