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Review: Engelbert Humperdinck covers Barry White’s “You’re the First, Last, All Mine”

Engelbert Humperdinck. Photo courtesy of Engelbert Humperdinck

Cult British pop singer Engelbert Humperdinck eloquently performed a cover of Barry White’s “You’re The First, The Last, My Everything”.

Music lovers old and new have rediscovered one of England’s greatest singers of all time, and they love what they found. Widely known for using some of his classic hits on super hit TV shows like moon knight A man without love umbrella academy – “Quando, kuando, kuando.”

The indomitable 86-year-old from Leicester (as Queen Elizabeth calls him) is back in the spotlight.

He has a recently recorded version of the West Ham United football anthem “Forever Blowing Bubbles”.in Brad Pitt’s #1 hit film “Rapid Passenger Express”.

Humperdinck surprised fans with his new single “You’re The First, The Last, My Everything” which was his first official single in years. This timeless song became the UK No. 1 record for soul legend Barry White in 1974. Humperdinck’s voice is as rich and resonant as ever, able to dust off the original recording and give it a refreshing and rustic feel.

This may seem like an unusual choice for a singer better known for his ballads and waltzes, but you’ll be even more shocked by Engelbert’s new take on this classic.

Humperdinck has turned a Barry White classic into a country dance hit that is catchy, distinct and lots of fun. This collects two giant thumbs up and is definitely worth checking out.

Its version is available from digital service providers at Press here.

To learn more about Engelbert Humperdinck visit him Official siteand follow him on Instagram as well as facebook.

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