Chris Matteis and Irene Jean Santos in 'Broken Hearted'

Review: Heartbreak is a witty and compelling indie film.

Chris Mattheis and Irene Jean Santos in Heartbreak. Photo courtesy of Heartbreak

Heartbreak, starring Chris Mattheis and Irene Jean Santos, is a witty and compelling independent film.

It was written and directed by Joseph Ammendolea. In this movie, Brian (played by Chris Matteis) is a Ph.D. a student who thinks his life is decided until he meets Michelle (Irene Jean Santos), who is coming out of a toxic relationship.

Both of their worlds are turned upside down as they try to sort out their feelings for each other. This is a dramedy composed of a soundtrack from the most gifted independent musicians from around the world.

This is a rough and true representation of the challenges people face in the dating world when trying to build new relationships.

Chris Mattheis (Adie Kane) is great as Brian and he steals every scene he appears in. His flamboyant acting partner, Irene Jean Santos, is just as gorgeous as Michelle. Jennifer Kove also did a great job as Stacey. All the actors of “Broken Heart” were remembered.

The musical accompaniment is exciting and lively; besides, the script was warm, relevant and akin (and it doesn’t sugarcoat things in life). This indie film keeps the attention of the audience throughout its existence. Great job.

Heartbreak is available at Amazon Prime Video.

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