Trevor Donovan in 'Prescription for Love'

Review: “Recipe for Love” is a charming new film about a great American family

Trevor Donovan in Recipe for Love. Photo courtesy of The Great American Family.

Recipe for Love, starring Trevor Donovan and Gillian Murray, is a new romantic comedy about the Great American Family.

It premiered on Saturday, September 3rd on the Great American Family network. The synopsis is this: In this Cinderella story, Claire (Gillian Murray) is a nurse with a warden who is determined to make her life a living hell.

On a rare and hilarious day off, she gets stuck in an elevator with the suave man Luke (played by Trevor Donovan). The next day, she is introduced to him again, but he does not recognize her.

The script is impressive and captivates the audience from the first scene, and the performance of Donovan and Murray is touching and memorable. Great job.


In general, Trevor Donovan and Gillian Murray play in the new film about the great American family “Recipe for Love”. They both have great chemistry and it’s a poignant story with a great message. There is something that is for everyone. “Prescription for Love” is worth watching and gets two thumbs up.

I hope this is a harbinger of more wonderful and enjoyable films about the Great American Family in the future.

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Trevor Donovan. Photo Credit: Devin Dygert

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