Russian-Ukrainian war at a glance: what we know on the 320th day of the invasion | Ukraine

  • Russia claimed to have killed more than 600 Ukrainian troops in a “retaliatory strike.” in the eastern city of Kramatorsk, but the Ukrainian armed forces rejected this demand. The mayor of a town close to the frontline town of Bakhmut said there were no casualties in the strikes over the weekend, and on Sunday a witness told Reuters that buildings had been damaged but not destroyed and there were no clear signs of casualties. The Russian claim seems suspicious for several reasons.

  • Zelenskiy condemned what he said was Russia’s failure to comply with the 36-hour ceasefire. he announced the Orthodox Christmas, striking Ukrainian cities.

  • At least two people died during fighting in eastern Ukraine, the officials said. According to the Associated Press, the governor of the Donetsk region, Pavel Kirilenko, said that as a result of the strikes on Bakhmut, one person was killed, and eight more people were injured in the region. Kirilenko also reported rocket attacks on Kramatorsk and Konstantinovka.

  • Russia and Belarus expand joint military exercises in Belarusthe country’s defense television channel said Sunday as concerns grow that Moscow pressure your closest ally to join the war in Ukraine. The two countries added weapons, soldiers and special equipment to the exercise, Reuters reported.

  • A shelling of the Starobeshevo power plant in Novy Svet has killed one person, Russian state news agency TASS reported Sunday. The thermal power plant was one of two in the Russian-controlled part of Ukraine’s Donetsk region that was damaged in a rocket attack by the Ukrainian army, Moscow-appointed officials said.

  • The demands of a special tribunal to investigate Russia in connection with the “crime of aggression” against Ukraine were supported by high-ranking British politicians. over political differences to show Vladimir Putin and his generals that they will be held accountable.

  • The Russian government supported the amendment to the legislation, which classify maps that challenge the country’s official “territorial integrity” as punishable extremist materialThis was reported on Sunday by the state news agency TASS.

  • About 50 Ukrainian soldiers who were released from custody in Russia on Sunday as part of the prisoner exchange, photographs were taken after their release.

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