Student loan forgiveness: There is no “back-up plan,” says a Biden official. “We have a plan, it is the plan that we have announced.”

A day after the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the Biden administration’s plan to forgive student loans, a White House official told MarketWatch that there is no alternative plan in case the superior court annuls it. “We have a plan, it is the plan that we have announced,” said Bharat Ramamurti, deputy head … Read more

I will inherit $40,000 from my grandmother. Should my husband and I increase our children’s college savings accounts or pay off credit cards and student loans?

After a terrible battle with dementia, my grandmother passed away a few weeks ago. She didn’t leave much, but I, along with my brothers, will receive about $40,000 in life insurance. I’m trying to figure out how to handle it better. I have credit card debt that was incurred during a period of unemployment during … Read more