Tamil University students protest against Sri Lanka’s Independence Day, joined by thousands despite military blockade – World News Report

Huge crowds line the streets to greet protesters and distribute food and drink.

Protesters chant slogans: * “We don’t want Sri Lankan military in Tamil areas” and * “Hold an international referendum for a final political solution.”

– University students

JAFFNA, SRI LANKA, February 5, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Thousands of Tamils, including women and children, joined the Sri Lankan Independence Day protest organized by students from Jaffna and the University of Batticaloa, who said Sri Lankan independence is only for Sinhalese, not Tamils. Huge crowds of people line up on the streets to greet the protesters and hand out food and drink.

Despite military and police blocking roads to prevent the protest march from continuing, the march continues with more people joining.

** 8WATCH Police block: https://fb.watch/iu961BTc1Y/?mibextid=tejx2t

Shouting slogans including “We don’t want the Sri Lankan military in the Tamil areas”, “Hold an international referendum for a final political solution”, the march will reach Batticaloa in four days and make a statement about the Tamil demands.

The student-led protest march was joined by Tamil victim groups, including families of the missing, Hindu and Christian religious leaders, Tamil civil society groups, Tamil women’s groups, Tamil trade unions, Tamil farmers’ and fishermen’s organizations, and others.

Demonstrators hold signs highlighting the “forced marriage” between Sinhalese and Tamils ​​to live together on the island by the departing British, who united the Tamil and Sinhalese kingdoms in 1833 to simplify administrative purposes.

** 8WATCH Police block: https://fb.watch/iu961BTc1Y/?mibextid=tejx2t

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