The last Russian-Ukrainian war: what is known on the 193rd day of the invasion | Ukraine

  • Zaporozhye nuclear power plant disconnected from the last remaining main power line to the grid and relies on a backup lineThis is reported by the International Atomic Energy Agency. Earlier there were reports that a plant in southeastern Ukraine was shut down early Saturday morning due to continuous shelling that destroyed a key power line, according to Russian-backed local authorities.

  • Sweden stated that it would provide ‘billions of dollars’ liquidity guarantees to Scandinavian and Baltic energy companies in an attempt to prevent a financial crisis caused by the energy crisis in Europe.

  • Russian energy company Gazprom said that Siemens Energy is ready to help repair the failed equipment of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline.but they said they had nowhere to do the work.

  • The European Union expects Russia to comply with existing energy contracts, but ready to take on the challenge if this failsThis was stated by the Commissioner for Economic Affairs Paolo Gentiloni.

  • Gazprom’s statement that the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline will not be restarted was made after G7 finance ministers say they plan to impose a price cap on Russian oil reduce “Russia’s ability to finance its aggressive war.”

  • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told Vladimir Putin that his country can play the role of an intermediary in relation to the Zaporozhye NPPaccording to his office.

  • An eight-year-old child died as a result of shelling by Russian troops of the Nikolaev region in southern Ukraine. On Sunday morning, the head of the regional council, Anna Zamazeeva, announced. Two more children were injured as a result of Russian shelling of Nikolaev and Berezneuvaty. she said in an update on Telegram.

  • Russian troops launched rocket attacks on Kramatorsk and Slavyansk. in eastern Ukraine, according to the governor of the Donetsk region Pavel Kirilenko.

  • The head of Chechnya reportedly said he planned to take an “indefinite and long” break from your post. In a video posted on his Telegram, Ramzan Kadyrov, 45, reportedly said he thought it was “time” for him to leave.

  • Former President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev accused the West of “chess game with death” in support of Ukraine and accused Western countries of trying to take advantage of the conflict push Russia to “a new round of disintegration”.

  • Ukrainian forces ‘probably reached a degree of tactical surprise’ in connection with the ongoing counter-offensive, the British Ministry of Defense said. In its daily intelligence briefing, it says that Ukraine has done just that. taking advantage of “poor logistics, administration and leadership” in the Russian army.

  • Ukraine’s First Lady Olena Zelenska told the BBC that while the economic impact of the war in Ukraine is hard on her allies, The British “count pennies”, and the Ukrainians “count losses”.

  • Russians pay tribute to Mikhail Gorbachevthe last leader of the Soviet Union, in a ceremony held in Moscow with little fanfare and in the conspicuous absence of President Vladimir Putin. Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban came to Moscow to pay his respects.

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