William Moseley in 'Raven's Hollow'

William Moseley talks about starring in Crow’s Hollow on Tremors

William Moseley in Raven Hollow. Photo courtesy of Shadder

Famous British actor William Moseley spoke about his role in the new horror film Crow Hollow, which will be released on the Shudder label.

The original Shudder game Crow Hollow will be available on the platform on Thursday, September 22. Written and directed by Christopher Hutton. Crow Hollow was beautiful, he admitted. “Christopher Hutton is absolutely brilliant, obviously he wrote the script and he had a very clear idea of ​​what he wanted Edgar Allan Poe to look like.”

After playing his iconic character, Moseley said, “Playing Edgar Allan Poe was an incredible opportunity that I couldn’t turn down. I learned everything I could about him and played him to the best of my ability. I really gave my 100 percent.”

The film is a gothic horror film set in the life of Edgar Allan Poe and features top British talent including William Moseley (The Chronicles of Narnia), Melanie Zanetti (Love and Monsters) and multiple award-winners. winning actress Kate Dickey (Game of Thrones). “I liked that it was gothic horror,” he exclaimed.

“Working with Melanie and Kate was amazing. I loved Melanie, she is extremely successful and Kate is a national treasure,” he added.

“When I was a kid, I listened to Linkin Park, Blink-182, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Papa Roach and Staind, so it took me back to my semi-gothic teenage years. Edgar Allan Poe was the father of gothic horror, and it was fun. The film came out very artistic, it was quite beautiful. I was actually very proud of it,” Moseley said.

Raven Hollow is set in the autumn of 1830. The plot is as follows: West Point military cadet Edgar Allan Poe and four other cadets on an exercise in upstate New York stumble upon a man disembowelled on a bizarre wooden rack.

His dying words guide them to a forgotten community that they believe holds sinister secrets. Fascinated by the innkeeper’s beautiful and mysterious daughter Charlotte, and fueled by the townsman’s refusal to talk to the killer, Po decides to uncover the truth.

Risking his life and more, Poe eventually comes face to face with a horror that will haunt him forever.

The trailer for the film Crow Hollow can be seen below.

This is a rare film that features Poe’s early days while serving in the military as a backdrop. Hutton’s film combines history and fiction to create a truly unique British supernatural horror film, rich in dark gothic imagery.

Hutton co-wrote the screenplay with Chuck Reeves and the film was produced by Caroline Stern for Canoe Film and Andrejs Ekis for Cinevilla Studios and Todd Lundbom and Mark Andrews for 828 Media Capital. “I want fans to see Edgar Allan Poe in a way they haven’t seen before. People might think he’s crazy, but he’s not. The beginning of his life was extremely active, he was extremely close-knit. He was a cadet at West Point, he was rebellious, but he was very good,” he said.

“I want people to feel the origin story of a great mind, he was an incredible person. I hope it gives them a good scare,” added Moseley.

On being an actor in the digital age, Moseley said, “There are more opportunities, I think that’s great. This new movie is being premiered on the Shudder streaming service and I think Shudder viewers will love it. In Russia, it opens on 800 screens, which is amazing. There are more interesting things being done in the digital age, which is great.”

Moseley spoke well of working with Ben Barnes in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. “Ben did a great job with Narnia. I am so proud and happy for him. He is a friend and fellow actor and has a great life,” he said.

He also talked about Prince Liam’s role in E! TV series “The Royal Family”. “I loved playing Prince Liam,” he said. “I felt a bit of what it means to be royalty. I liked it because it depicts their difficult life. It’s like being a mega celebrity, but I was honored to play Prince Liam and Elizabeth Hurley played your mother.”

“My advice to them is to take courage, this is the most important thing you can have. You need the courage of a lion, as well as love, faith, honesty and faith. Your integrity and reputation are paramount to your success. Learn and always be open to learning. Read about acting, go to classes, and watch acting on TV. Learn, learn, learn.”

About the title of the current chapter of his life, he said: “35 and finally going.”

Moseley named Anthony Hopkins, Daniel Day-Lewis, Brad Pitt, Natalie Portman and Leonardo DiCaprio as options for his dream acting collaborations.

He noted that if he had any superpower, it would be “invisibility to watch the world.” “It would be interesting, especially to experience things in an invisible way,” he said.

Moseley defined the word “success” simply as “completeness” and “perfection”.

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