Workplace hazards fined Illinois truck repair company $326,000

A 48-year-old worker entered a tanker trailer in Lemont, Illinois to inspect it as part of the annual US Department of Transportation requirement and recovered from exposure to bleach and chlorine gas. The worker was found unconscious in a tanker truck and later died from his injuries.

An investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Occupational Safety and Health found that his employer, B&R Repair Inc. of Lemont, failed to identify and assess indoor atmospheric hazards, train workers in a confined space work program, and keep employees busy. Obtain a Confined Space Pass before entering the Confined Space. OSHA also found that the employer did not equip the worker rescuing an unconscious employee with a search system, did not implement their own procedures for calling rescue and emergency services, and a variety of other violations of confined space rules that required permission. The company was also cited for not providing fall protection for an employee working on a tank trailer and for failing to provide training on fall hazards, respirators and hazard communication.

In total, OSHA pointed to two willful and 10 serious violations and offered $326,306 in fines.

B&R Repair is an American truck and trailer repair company that provides services for all makes and models of tractors, tankers, trailers, trucks, buses and various cargo vehicles. In addition to the main facility in Lemont, Illinois, the company has service centers in Lansing and Wampum, Pennsylvania.

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