Zaporozhye CHPP was disconnected from the power grid due to shelling on Monday

Zaporozhye CHPP was disconnected from the power grid due to shelling on Monday

Reactor No. 2 of Zaporozhye NPP September 2, 2022 Source – IAEA Image Bank, CC SA 2.0.

The last operating reactor at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant was disconnected from the Ukrainian grid on Monday after Russian shelling damaged power lines.

The critically endangered six-reactor plant in southern Ukraine, which is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, was seized by Moscow in March but is still operated by Ukrainian personnel. Reuters.

“Today, as a result of a fire caused by shelling, the (last operating) power line was disconnected,” Energoatom said in a Telegram message.

“As a result, (reactor) block No. 6, which currently provides for its own needs (of the station), was unloaded and disconnected from the network,” the message says.

“Last [power] The line connecting the Zaporizhzhya NPP with the energy system of Ukraine – a 330 kV transmission line Zaporizhzhya CHP – Ferosplavna – was disconnected due to a fire caused by shelling. Any repairs to [power] lines are now impossible – there are hostilities around the plant, ”Galushchenko wrote.

Ukrainian multimedia platform for broadcasting

Galushchenko complained that the new shelling came shortly after most of the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency’s mission inspectors left the plant earlier Monday.

The newspaper “New York Times reports that the situation on the ground has become even more dangerous, as fire brigades could not reach the fire site.

An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspection team that was on the station left two observers in the hope that they could witness events as they unfolded and reduce tensions at the facility, which is held by Russian forces but is still under control. Ukrainian engineers. The big hope was that the shelling would stop.

The IAEA said that, according to Ukrainian officials, the backup line was “deliberately disabled to fight the fire.”

“The line itself is not damaged, after extinguishing the fire, it will be connected again,” the department said.

Edwin LymanA nuclear power expert from the Union of Concerned Scientists, a private group in Cambridge, Massachusetts, said the current situation where the plant relies on one of its own reactors to power its cooling systems “is not unique, but it’s not standard practice.”

Najmedin Meshkati, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Southern California, said the off-site power outage, which occurred at least twice at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant in the past few weeks, was “one of the worst things that could happen.” happen to a nuclear power plant.

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